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Get the tools you need to host interactive and engaging learning: lesson authoring, students management, messaging, mixed reality and more.

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Every class you create is a community with group and 1-on-1 discussions.

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Web-based augmented reality tools and content to help learners understand complex concepts better

Our Manifesto

We're on a mission to extend the reality of learning online

Traditional classrooms are beginning to feel like boxed-up spaces! Now, more than ever before, educators need to be receptive to new teaching methods that are more efficient and exciting. Learntific is making emerging web-based technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) accessible for both educators and learners.

Learntific is building the future of interactive learning in which learners will have fun while learning. For everyone, learning should be easier and exciting. We wish to bring delightful and illuminating experiences to both learners and educators. Everyone can focus on learning and have fun while at it.

Virtual connections are beginning to feel more realistic than ever before using WebXR...we now have the flexibility to immediately use immersive technology in our browsers.
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